Needs Assessment

Net³ employs a dedicated team of Site Identification Specialists whose sole responsibility is to identify the best possible sites in any given market for its’ own acquisitions as a principal. Through an investigative meeting process with prospective tenants, the Net³ team seeks to understand their unique site requirements.

Site Identification

After working with the prospective tenant to determine their search parameters, Net³ Site Identification Specialists will take a data-driven approach, utilizing our proprietary database, to identify all potential options.

Preliminary Due Diligence

Net³ Real Estate, as the principal, will then perform all the necessary preliminary due diligence, entitlement and zoning investigations to determine whether or not there are issues that would exclude particular sites from further consideration.

Broker Relations

Net³ Real Estate, as a principal private developer, recognizes the importance of the Tenant Broker Representative as well as Local Land Brokers in our site selection process. Our Site Identification Specialists leverage our knowledge of brokers throughout the nation to seek first priority on all new opportunities. Net³ fairly compensates all outside brokers who play a role in securing the tenant and the site.

Site Selection Image